Body Image and Weight Concerns

Are you struggling with your body image, and how you feel about how you look? Are you engaged in binge eating, compulsive exercise, dieting, or other behaviors that were supposed to make you feel better, but somehow actually make you feel worse? Are you tired of hating your body and having your life restricted because of how it looks? Do you have a history of weight-based abuse or discrimination, or are people treating your body disrespectfully even now? Do want to feel free to live your best life in your body right now, but it doesn’t feel possible? I can help.

I have 20 years of experience researching and treating body image and weight-related concerns. I use powerful treatment tools, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Health At Every Size®, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and the treatment I developed, Accept Yourself! to help you accept and appreciate your body as it is, and experience what it is like to have a positive, healthy relationship with eating and self-care.

I work from a body liberation, fat liberation, disability justice, social justice lens. I don’t provide behavioral weight loss services, but I can help you evaluate whether weight loss is likely to be an effective strategy for you.

Here’s a sample of the research I’ve conducted in this area. Schedule a 15-minute free consultation with me, and let me help you apply the science to transform your own body image and well-being!

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