I’m a social and counseling psychologist who does research, teaching, and clinical work at the interface of body image, eating, and mood.

Recent blog posts and writings:

The Ethics of Helping Clients with Weight Loss in Psychotherapy

Recent Publications:

Berman, M.I., Chapman, N., Nash, B., Kivlighan, D.M., & Paquin, J.D. (in press.) Sharing wisdom: Challenges, benefits, and developmental path to becoming a successful therapist-researcher. Counseling Psychology Quarterly.

Berman, M.I., Morton, S.N., & Hegel, M.T. (2016). Uncontrolled pilot study of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Health At Every Size intervention for obese, depressed women: Accept Yourself! Psychotherapy, 53(4), 462-467.

Berman, M.I., Morton, S.N, & Hegel, M.I. (2016). Health at Every Size and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for obese, depressed women: Treatment development and clinical application. Clinical Social Work Journal, 44 (3), 265–278.